Emergency & Preparedness Apps


In uncertain times, the right information can help keep you and your family / friends safe. One of the easiest, fastest and most convenient ways to stay in-the-know during trying times or emergency situations is with your smartphone. From human-made or weather disasters to medical emergencies, we wanted to provide a general list of apps – available for either (or both) the iOS and Android operating systems – that may be able to help ensure that you, your family / friends have what they need during such an event.

The apps listed (list may be updated at times) are only a few of the vetted apps that have been used and/or recommended by other local, state and federal preparedness/response agencies. Please find apps that are suitable for you and your loved ones needs before, during or after times of disaster and/or need.


Set up your emergency medical information.

Before you do anything else, it is recommended by many experts that you add your emergency medical information to your phone’s optional ID card. If anything happens to you, this can be accessed by a bystander – without the need to unlock your phone – to get you the help you may need. Here is how to set it up in both iOS and Android platforms.

On iPhones: Open the Health app (it comes with your phone) and tap the Medical ID tab. Select “Edit” and add your essential info: think medical conditions, date of birth, blood type and emergency contacts.

On Androids: For most Android users, this can be found inside your settings by selecting “User & Accounts,” then “Emergency Information.” Tap “Edit Information” and enter your essential info. Select “Add Contacts” to include a list of emergency contacts.

ICE Medical Standard App lets you put your Emergency Medical Contact Information on Your Smartphone’s Lock Screen Image Overlay Display, if you are in an Accident, First Responder’s, EMS, EMTs and ER Staff can find Your Emergency Medical Contact Info as soon as they turn on your Smartphone.  

Emergency apps for first aid basics.

There are two good ways to take advantage of emergency first aid information. One is to learn which supplies will help you address urgent needs, and the second is to understand what steps you should take when faced with a first aid situation. Here are a few apps that may be able to help you treat minor or concerning medical situations. We even included a first aid app for your “four-legged” family members!

Accidents happen – but you can be ready to help yourself and your loved ones with this FREE app. The Red Cross First Aid app puts expert advice for common emergencies at your fingertips. Videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice makes learning easy and engaging. Selec English or Spanish language with an in-app toggle. Download app by texting: “GETFIRST” to 90999. 

Take care of your family’s cats and dogs. The FREE Red Cross Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for emergencies as well as everyday pet care in the palm of your hand. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know pet first aid. Download app by texting: “GETPET” to 90999.    

Real-time weather monitoring and alert apps.

In a disaster, information is key to help guide your decisions – both big and small. These apps below offer everything from alerts on a storm’s timing to resources to help after a disaster.

Take Charge of Disasters! The FEMA App is your personalized disaster resource, so you feel empowered and ready to take charge of any disaster life throws your way. This useful app provides users the ability to learn how to PLAN for common hazards, PROTECT them and their loved ones, RECOVER from their loss(es) among other useful tools.     

Help Keep Your Loved Ones Safe. Utilize this FREE American Red Cross Emergency app to help you prepare. It is simple to use and lets you customize forty (40) different weather alerts with fast, provides steps on how to prepare and can easily find open Red Cross shelters with an interactive map. Choose to use the app in English or Spanish with an easy-to-find language toggle, and full weather alerts in both Spanish and English. Download app by texting “GETEMERGENCY” to 90999.

Disaster Alert is a free mobile app for public use that provides the global community with critical hazard alerts and information needed to stay safe anywhere in the world. Offers near real-time updates about eighteen (18) different types of natural hazards as they are unfolding locally or around the globe.

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live is an all-in-one weather tracker right on your device. Consider Clime your one-stop weather radar app. Keep current with important weather changes using real-time radar images, precipitation and temperature forecasts, customizable weather alerts, accurate weather maps, and more.

Weather, at a microclimate level with the Weather Underground app. Get your hyperlocal weather forecast, with precise current conditions and hyper-local updates from your closest weather station. Discover about current conditions, get weather data from our Nexrad network, customizable weather alerts from NOAA and much more, thanks to our Nexrad hurricane and storm tracker and Doppler radar technology. You’ll always be prepared!        

Apps to help keep you safe while traveling.

Concerns about staying safe don’t stop just because you’re away for a weekend or vacationing for two weeks. On-demand tools via these apps allow you to gather and quickly access details to your personal plans and find big-picture insights if current events change your local area or wherever you’re visiting.

Get the most current and relevant Pennsylvania traffic information on your smartphone without ever taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel with the 511PA app. 511PA provides real-time, hands-free traffic advisories for every PennDOT roadway in Pennsylvania, and for major roadways in neighboring states of NJ and WV, with more to come (visit ‘Settings’ tab of the application in order to enable non-PA advisories).   

Smart Traveler, the official State Department app for U.S. travelers, invites you to see the world with easy access to frequently updated official country information, travel alerts, travel warnings, maps, U.S. embassy locations, and more. 

TripIt serves as a one-stop organizer for all your travel details. Forward your reservations for flights, hotels and other information to your account, and the app will create a personalized itinerary with all your info available at a glance. Once the app knows where you’ll be, it provides you with neighborhood safety scores, currency conversions and more. 

In addition to finding the cheapest fuel in your area, the GasBuddy app (or similar apps) will help to provide you up to date information on fueling stations within your area. This may prove extremely useful if much of your area and it businesses have been affected due to a recent disaster. Learn what fueling stations are open and where during times of need.